It’s Not That Deep campaign

I want to know what this campaign is and what it aims to do

We know it can feel like more needs to be done to tackle this issue. Let’s take a look at how Lambeth Council is working towards eliminating VAWG.

YCUK were tasked with creating a youth targeted, social impact campaign that tackles Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). Lambeth Council, who commissioned the campaign, wants to see an increase in young people (16-25) reporting incidents of VAWG.

The campaign concept “It’s Not That Deep” is language often used to dismiss the severity of our experiences. Why don’t we report experiences of VAWG? Because we tell ourselves “it could be worse” or “it’s not that deep”. In order to see an increase in reporting, our campaign “It’s Not That Deep” (or INTD) looks to do 3 main things for our target audience:


INTD aims to help young people identify experiences of VAWG.


Challenge internal and external myths and acknowledge that experiences of VAWG are serious.


Encourage our audience to access services by shifting behaviour from ‘report’ to ‘get support’.

I want to know how this campaign was made

YCUK operates a little differently from other agencies. We designed the entire campaign, from concept to delivery, with a steering group of young women from the borough who have lived experiences of VAWG. Our research phase included a series of co-creation workshops with over 30 young people from Lambeth.

These workshops were the foundation of our concept and influenced every creative decision throughout the process.

To hear more about how we co designed our entire concept with young people aged 16-25 and see the data from these workshops, see the slides below.

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